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5/8 - Website Update
It's been awhile!  I just wrapped up an incredible weekend at Harmonic Hope & Healing Fest, as well as a performance with Miss Cantaloupe at Spring Threestival.

Keep an eye out for Miss Cantaloupe as we have a killer schedule coming up with our new lineup. Add these Festivals to your schedule now- Pine Ridge & Beardfest!  Vibes that can't be beat, communities that are growing every year.  

We are also excited to hit a few new ones, so check out Ladybug Music Festival in Wilmington DE, and the NY Faerie Festival to really see us in our element!  

We had a great season of Sound Journeys in the Mishana Yoga Studio, and are ready to bring the vibes back out to the Rooftop for the upcoming months!  

I've also been a featured facilitator up at Prancing Peacock in Langhorne, so if you get a chance come to one of the Sound Baths up there led by my excellent friend and colleague Vincent Matyi!  

Much love <3

 ^Check out "Great Valley" featuring Sam Gutman! 
Healing Handpan Alliance - Passages 1


5/12 - Miss Cantaloupe at Ardmore Music Hall
5/17 - Miss Cantaloupe at World Cafe Live
5/21 - Sound Journey at Mishana Yoga Rooftop
5/24 - Miss Cantaloupe at Pine Ridge Music Festival 
5/29 - Private Sound Journey Event
5/31 - Miss Cantaloupe at Ladybug Music Festival
6/14 - Handpan Set at Beardfest
6/28 - Miss Cantaloupe at New York Faerie Festival
6/29 - Miss Cantaloupe at New York Faerie Festival
6/30 - Miss Cantaloupe at New York Faerie Festival
7/11 - Miss Cantaloupe at Cantaloupe Kingdom  


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