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B i o g r a p h y

Sean has been playing in various Philly bands for over a decade.  He's an original member of The Underwater Sounds (reggae/funk fusion) and Miss Cantaloupe (dream pop/indie rock).  Since 2015 he has immersed himself in the study of the handpan.  Using these steel idiophones as his primary instrument, he is exploring new soundscapes with PanSong, a handpan-based prog/jazz-fusion ensemble featuring members of Out of the Beardspace.  

Sean lives in Philadelphia and is available for studio sessions, gigs, lessons, and sound bath ceremonies.   
After studying with handpan masters such as Carlos 'Kabeção ' Rodriguez (Portugal), David Charrier (France), Jacob Cole (US), Emma Mumi (Italy), Benny Bettane (Australia), and Mark D'Ambrosio (US), Sean is ready to share his music, knowledge, skills and resources with the world. 

Sean plays Makai, Axiom, & Tacta Handpans, as well as Rav Vast and Pulsar tongue drums. 

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