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Sean is a multi instrumentalist whose enthusiasm for music translates to engaging and invigorating lessons.  At his studio space in South Philadelphia, students have the opportunity to approach handpans, tongue drums, harp, mbira, kalimba, guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, cajon, and drum set.  Custom lesson plans can encompass as many of these subjects as desired, and as the student develops a focus, a deeper understanding of techniques, rudiments, styles, and music theory will be explored.  Sean firmly believes that each concept increases your general understanding and ability as a musician and listener.

Studio Sessions

Whether you need solid grooves on the drum set, handpan breaks, harp melodies, or percussion, Sean is an adept collaborator and a reliable player.  


Sean is happy to perform solo at art shows, yoga classes, cocktail hours, wedding ceremonies, and intimate gatherings.  


Sound Baths

Experience a sound meditation that soothes the central nervous system.  Sound baths are ambient sonic journeys that create a state of deep relaxation.   Through a variety of tones, timbres, drones, and rhythms, participants are transported into realms of reflection and healing vibrations.  Relax the mind and experience Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound.

"The aim of the advanced state of Nada Yoga is to purify and harmonize the gross and subtle fields of body energy and bring them in alignment with their natural vibration.. It is the opening of a door on the level of highest awareness when consciousness becomes conscious of itself. It is from that state that the transformation and healing begin in a most natural way."

-Roop Verma   

Send lesson, event, sound bath, and gig inquiries to

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